Williams Peak Yurt Trip

The Williams Peak Yurt(s) lie at the base of Williams Peak and have a great view of the start of Thompson Peak, the tallest peak in the Sawtooth Range. On clear nights like this it's tough not to get outside and freeze while looking up at the Milky Way. 

(1st) The crew skins the ridge above Fishhook Creek, which provides a wonderful view of the jagged tops of the classic Idaho mountain range. 

(2nd) Chase Mildenberger puts on his skins for the trek out to find Big Fatty couloir. 

(3rd) Chase, Cameron, and Craig exit out of Big Fatty into the basin below the north face of Williams Peak.         

(1st) The boys look at GoPro footage from the first day and come up with a strategy for the days ahead. 

(2nd) The nights were packed full of laughter and fatty food which had us happy from the many miles traveled over the few days spent in the woods. 

(3rd) Paul Yelda pays his dues by making more firewood for the next crew to come up after us. 

(1st) Good morning from 7,900 ft. 

(2nd) Yelda examining topo maps over some coffee in the AM. 

(3rd) Cam expresses his joy for "pocket bacon", a great snack while touring. 

(4th) None of the crew gets paid to cook even part-time, but man some culinary skills were shown on the trip. 

(5th) Cam, Dan, Chase, and Craig made a trip to the Sickle Coluoir to find that another crew was already ascending it. So they made do with a line, lookers left of Sickle aptly dubbed the "Butt Plug". If you look closely (rreeaal close) you can see one of them making a turn in the bottom right corner of this image. 

(1st) Paul looks back at Thompson Peak, hoping for more snow this season to grab some of the classics that need just a little more places filled in. 

(2nd) Dan and Chase hug one out after their long day of traveling to Sickle, getting skunked, then proceeding to do a hefty line that was estimated to be 1,200 vertical feet. 

(3rd) Day three: exhaustion. Miles traveled, couloirs climbed, sun baked skin, and wind, a whole lotta wind. 

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