A Week In Mexico Amongst The Classics

  Back in November 2017, when the U.S. was more or less dry, a crew of us set out for Mexico. Myself, Petr Čivrný, Matej & KT Holub, were all new to the town of Tlapacoyan, but luckily Alec Voorhees and Evan Moore have visited before. The intention of the trip was to enjoy the classic runs around the area while documenting the notorious drops. The city of Tlapacoyan is not Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, I don't think we saw another American the whole week, besides the ones kayaking. This is Mexico, gritty and hidden amongst the touristy parts of the country, which made for an authentic experience. 

(1st) Alec Voorhees unpacks his gear for the first section of river the trip, the Big Banana run on the Alseseca. The trail down to the river starts on top of a hill, where a school of kids quietly observed Alec take out his matching blue gear and got ready for the hike in. 

(2nd) On the other side of the road from the school was this colorful graveyard. 

(3rd) Petr squats below some barbed wire in the middle of the trail down to the put-in. The path  ends up going through a thick forest for a minute or two, then you hear that loud roar of Big Banana. 

(4th) Big Banana, 128 feet tall, the first descent was by Rafa Ortiz and Aniol Serrasolses.

(5th) Matej happy to be paddling with a solid crew in a new place.

(1st) Tomata 1,  a classic 60 foot fall which wasn't run by our crew do to timing. It was either too high, too low, or the boys backs weren't feeling it that day. Understandable. 

(2nd) We ain't in Kansas anymore... Our guide/driver Israel somehow managed to put this insect in his Coke bottle, proving that there's some wicked things in the Mexican jungle. With the english he had, he told us 'that would really hurt to get bitten by'. 

(3rd) Israel knows the ins and outs of the hills of Tlapacoyan, he knew where to go for every waterfall, every trail down to the river, etc. Taking a break from the hike out, he drank some 'fresh water' near the Jalacingo River, something us gringos would probably be unsafe doing.        

(4th) Your typical house around here is brightly colored, we even saw a church that was practically neon. Also, they all come equipped with banana fields.  

The sweat it took to get into some of these beautiful places was substantial, there's a humidity in the air for sure. But, was it worth it? Of course, as it usually is. 

(1st/2nd) The hike into the Alseseca and the reward, Silencio drop (Alec Voorhees).

(3rd/4th) The intense light show on the Alseseca by Truchas Waterfall will ever be one of my favorites (Alec Voorhees). Once again: hike, hike, hike, to then drop, drop, drop. 

(1st) Unpacking from our trusty steed, a two seater pick up that had a substantial kayak rack on it. Israel knew how to operate that machine so fluidly on the backroads it was impressive to watch. 

(2nd) KT and I spent a lot of time waiting for the crew to paddle, so much so that we could test a long exposure shot or two. 

(3rd) Matej's solid line off of the notorious drop on the Upper Jalacingo. 

(4th) A good day with good lines, my dude! 

(5th) Close the farmers gate, off to the next.

(1st) Evan Moore rolling off the lip of Twisted Pleasure, on the Lower Jalacingo. 

(2nd/3rd) Petr did everything right going off Dirty Sanchez besides hitting his face with his paddle on impact.

(4th)  Evan looks down at the Black Hole, a 80-90 foot mess of a drop. Just above it is the take out of the Lower Jalacingo... don't miss that eddy. 

(5th) Banana plants surround the hills of near the town of Tlapacoyan. If its not bananas then its coffee plants, the hills are lush with greenery. 

(1st) Beers and high fives at the bar, which is serendipitously right at the take out of the Alseseca.

(2nd) A signature snack on the sidewalks of Mexico, elote. 

(1st/2nd) And on the last day, it rained, despite his expression Evan was happy. With perfect flows the crew all styled Side Chick, a nice way to end the week, after many drops producing some sore backs. 

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